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5 Awesome Hacks for New Year Resolutions of Losing Weight

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We hear about various techniques to lose weight, varying from diets and detoxes to vigorous exercises and yoga. Most of them require a huge time commitment, which isn’t always possible. Diving into the holiday season is the hardest time to stay fit, and we’re here to share our best tips for weight loss to ensure you don’t succumb to the holiday weight that you may think is inevitable! We know that it is easy to share tips to lose weight, but if you incorporate these into your lifestyle, it is a guarantee that you will see results!

  1. Hello, hydration!The first 5 awesome hacks for your new year resolutions of losing weight is to avoid dehydration. Becoming dehydrated leads to a feeling of hunger, and those are the unwanted calories. Water is called the elixir of life because it keeps you full and refreshed. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is the ultimate way to ensure that your water intake is met daily. Water is always the first and most important step to stay fit. It not only affects your bodily functions, but it can boost metabolism, reduce stiffness and hence improves workouts drastically.
  2. Plan small mealsIt’s easy to overeat when you’re hungry, so make sure you never reach a state where you haven’t eaten in a long time. Plan meals every 2-3 hours, so the meals are more controlled and unhealthy snacking won’t happen. Snacks in between meals are very important, as that is what controls main meals. However, if the snacks aren’t healthy, then this won’t work to control one’s appetite and promote a better style of living. Fruits, vegetables, juices, hummus, and protein bars are options for in-between snacking.
  3. Twenty minutesIf you cannot manage a long work out, use short times to plan quick workouts with bursts of energy. Many people during holiday season neglect workouts due to lack of time, not realising that 20 minutes is also enough to get some exercise. This accelerates fat loss, and helps to lose weight. This has been seen through a person’s Body Mass Index Calculator, which is a universally accepted scale that tells you whether you lie in the correct range based on height and weight.
  4. Get in those stepsWalking is the easiest exercise to do and walking regularly is one of the tips to reduce weight! Try walking to places if they’re close enough. After a meal, aim at walking 300-500 steps to help kick-start digestion. Especially during the holidays, make it a point to walk more so that excess weight can be shed quickly, and you can make sure that you don’t go anywhere without this mini-workout.
  5. U-lipolysisAnother way to really accelerate weight loss is Prettislim’s U-lipolysis. This is a non-surgical treatment that can help you quickly shed up to 8cms in target areas and takes approximately 8 sessions. The massive advantage of this is that it is quick, painless and extremely convenient. The results have been great, and is effective along with general weight-loss tactics. U-lipolysis is a safe method and is widely recommended by experts, and the feedback from Prettislim customers has also been very positive.

Many of us fall under the category of wishful new years resolutions of losing weight, and we guarantee that if you follow the five tips given above, you will see great results. It’s always the optimal time to start, and a great way to begin the New Year!

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